The Behavioral, Emotional, and Social Skills Inventory


Screenshot of the BESSI inventory
Sample dataset

Take the BESSI

Click here to take online versions of the BESSI. The full BESSI takes about 20 minutes to complete, and provides feedback scores on 32 specific skills related to the 5 skill domains of Self-Management, Social Engagement, Cooperation, Emotional Resilience, and Innovation. The abbreviated BESSI-45 takes about 5 minutes to complete, and only provides feedback scores on the 5 skill domains.

The BESSI is available in several different versions that vary in terms of their level of detail, number of items, and required assessment time. All versions of the BESSI can be administered in either a self-report format (in which the user rates themselves) or an observer-report format (in which the user rates another person, such as a student, coworker, or acquaintance).

This information has been adapted from the BESSI website. Visit the BESSI website for full information:

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