Conflict Resolution, Accountability, Respectful Interactions, Ethics, and Supportive Environments Climate Survey


CARES survey sample
Sample dataset

The Four Scales in the CARES Climate Survey

The extent to which workgroup members engage in respectful behavior toward others.

The extent to which abusive, threatening, or verbally aggressive behaviors from leaders or mentors are part of the research environment.

The extent to which workgroup interactions reflect trust and support and members are treated equitably.

The extent to which the institution and workgroup visibly engage in prevention of offensive and inappropriate behavior and comments related to sexual misconduct.

Run the CARES at Your Institution

The CARES Climate Survey captures aspects of the working environment, particularly the composition and interpersonal dynamics of the research team, which strongly influence: 

  • what questions get asked
  • who has a voice
  • who is listened to
  • which perspectives are brought to bear on problems
  • what populations are included as subjects
  • the public perception of findings
  • what variables are considered worth investigating
  • and thus the quality of the research as a whole

For more detailed information on the procedures involved in implementing CARES at your institution, please contact us at:

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