Survey of Organization Research Climate


SOURCE and CARES sample graph
Sample dataset

Run the SOURCE at Your Institution

An organization that wishes to run the SOURCE can make arrangements to do so. The license fee is based on the level of support desired in interpretation and analysis.

Once the license with NCPRE is in place, an institution provides emails and names of participants with departmental affiliations and status (graduate student, post-doc, faculty member). NCPRE manages the survey administration.

The NCPRE SOURCE team sends emails via institutional email addresses seeking survey participation and follows up with reminders over a 20 day period.  Response rates during previous studies have ranged from 5-50% and largely depends on socializing the survey within the institution.

The NCPRE SOURCE team provides analyses used to generate the summary reports for the contracting institution. As part of building a national “norming” database for providing comparative data, NCPRE retains de-identified information with limited demographics for comparison and benchmark purposes.

For more detailed information on the procedures involved in implementing SOURCE at your institution, please contact us at: or 217-333-1416.

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